Saturday, October 2, 2010

Two Things

This is my first blog post and I was thinking very seriously about what to start with. I like reading a lot, what ever it may be blogs, news, articles etc... After thinking for a while about a good thing to blog about. I finally decided that I will go with my thoughts. Hence my first blog post "Two Things".

Even though I am away from India, I follow most of the things going on there from movies to movements, IPL to Saina Nehwal's winning streak. But two recent events made me think more about my country and where it is heading. One of them made me sad and worry about where India is heading, other made me proud and happy and gave me assurance that we are in right direction.

First one among those two is CWG. The massive scale of  corruption that took place, delays in completing the arrangements with in schedule and athlete's & nations criticizing the arrangements made me feel really sad. At one point of time I read articles by international and national media speculating that games might be cancelled. 

I was more surprised when I learnt that India won the bid to host 2010 Common Wealth Games in 2003 (So we had time). According to Bussiness Today cost of organizing these game is around  70,000 crore (US$15.47 billion). This makes 2010 CW Games costliest Common Wealth Games so far (we invested a lot even in the times of recession). With this expenditure, available time and lot of human resources, India could have made a great impact in international stage and showed to the rest of the world that we are ready for Olympics. 

This whole mess I think is due to few political leaders and bureaucrat's who put their egos, monetary and political agendas ahead of national interests. 

Anyway the games will start in a day and we finally got everything ready. Keeping aside all these controversies, I hope these games will go well and show the world that India is a good host. It's good to know that Delhi Commonwealth games is the highest attended Commonwealth games till now.

Coming to second thing that made me happy is the Ayodhya verdict and how people reacted to it. I was eagerly waiting for the verdict as billions of my fellow Indians did. Government took every step to stop any violence that can be caused by the verdict, some state governments even declared holiday. This shows how important this verdict is. 

Babri masjid case was a 60 year old case which got national importance after demolition of babri masjid in 1992 that resulted in huge spread communal voice which took more than 2000 lives. No one wants to see it again, but they are worried. To everyones surprise, people showed restrain after the judgement, there is no single violent incident reported. This may be partly due to the judgement (thanks to the judges). But, people surely showed to the world our great secularism, our oneness , unity in diversity, what ever we call it. This shows that common man is more worried about their future, education and their daily living than about temple/masjid or church.

Even the religious organisations requested for peace and displayed their respect for judiciary. But, there  are bunch of people who never want to loose a chance to gain from the situation, they are called politicians. Who started again their vote bank politics, by making statements that can cause damage to our unity.

Above two events, have one thing in common. They are our great politicians, who failed in both the cases. There are many leaders who worked hard, who had vision for the future of India. But there are some politicians who I don't want to talk or even think of.

"Leaders care about the people they serve.
Politicians care about themselves and their party."

And finally here's a video I loved watching, some of the statement in this video are a lill bit old (indeed we bettered our position :) ).



  1. Great start buddy! Even I am happy with the way people have reacted and are reacting to the verdict.

  2. Great start dude!! Good luck and keep up the pace.
    Verdict has shown really many things, that people thought, were Power of judiciary, Secularism etc.

  3. Nice post. How's work going on.

  4. @Vee, harish, Srikanth. Thank you all.

    @Aditya, Thank you. Yup, its going good, I like it. How is your research work going?.

  5. nice analysis buddy...
    But the irony of the fate is like this...
    1)It turned out to be a positive event(which was -ve) with a good no.of medals for India.
    2)Again there is a new appeal,because some are not satisfied with the brilliant verdict so they moved to SC against the verdict(which was +ve).So,chaos might return at any point of time.

    Conclusion : No one can predict things in INDIA.

    Again I'm just giving my critical opinion on your idea i.e., "This shows that common man is more worried about their future, education and their daily living than about temple/masjid or church."
    personally I would think most of common people(so called) are more worried about the temple/masjid and church rather than their livelihood.To sum it up there are three devilish things here caste,religion and place.Here people are just fanatical about them.
    More than blaming politicians I would blame ourselves.Because the gravity of the event is always reflected or received by the people...

    thanks for providing some space for my rantings :-)

    I think i was one of the many fellas who always asked you to start a blog and share ur gyan.Glad that it finally materialized.
    eagerly waiting for ur next article buddy...:-)

  6. I agree with some of your points, but I still feel that these politicians for their benefits give hate speeches which some innocent people believe and follow what ever they say.