Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The circle of lawsuits

These days along with innovating, mobile technology companies are busy doing one more thing i.e suing each other.

The following image ( by George Kokkinidis ) gives a clear idea of who's suing who in the mobile industry.

Today morning I was thinking about blogging about this and by evening one more lawsuit got added to the list. Yesterday Microsoft sued Motorola on 9 patents and today Motorola doubled the number of patents and sued Apple on 18 patents. Day by day diameter of this circle  and the number of chords are also increasing. In fact this is turning interesting.

As every one knows its takes years to settle these suits. I think by the time these are settled, we would surely have something more advanced and attractive than what we have today in our pockets.


  1. informative one, dude! shortly ur own company will be in the center suing all others in the circle

  2. Thanks dude. Instead of starting a company, looks like its better to start a law firm. Anyway if I start a company, I am sure you will be suing me.